The Saturdays Challenge
Day 06: Favorite Sats Friendship

Fierceness' (Una and Vanessa)
Vanessa White for Select Model Management (x)

The Saturdays give a special acoustic performance of Issues. (x)

"We’re on our 18th single so we thought why not [do a Greatest Hits] now. Making it brought on loads of fond memories, it’s mad when you look back on old videos and stuff. Looking back, my favourite moment to date was the first number one. We didn’t get it till our 14th single so it was a long time coming!"

The Saturdays Challenge
Day 04: Favorite Sats Photoshoot

Glamoholic Magazine' (2013)
Tonight we're on a massive attack, yeah baby I'm a party freak
And there's no going back, but can you handle that?
Watch me work it out on the floor, yeah I'm addicted to the beat
Boy what're you waiting for?